September 2020-May 2021


 (Ages 7-18)



Drawing Class

I am currently a vendor for the following charters: Visions, Valley View, Vista Oaks, and Compass. If you do not see your charter listed, I would be happy to explore the possibility of partnering with them.

Home Studio location: Concord, Ca ~ near Concord High. You will be sent my address after Registration

My KVA community is amazing and I am so thankful for your patience and encouragement during Covid.


I offer classes both in-person and virtually through Zoom.  

For In-Person I ask that masks be worn to and from their seats; once seated continued wear is at the parent's discretion. 

I do my best to socially distance in the classroom, and only healthy arteests are invited to stay. 

All Virtual Only students will need to purchase the listed supplies, therefore the cost of classes is

now lowered to $20 per Virtual class and $25 per In-Person class while the Covid 19 limitations last. 



It is VERY important to use the best ART MATERIALS you can afford to learn proper technique and enjoy the experience. I have created Amazon wishlists of my favorite, most affordable materials. It is very challenging to teach virtual classes with students who have the wrong supplies, so please follow the lists as much as possible. Below each Session you will find a link to an Amazon wish list for the supplies for each class. Many of the supplies will be used for multiple sessions. If you are an "In-class/hybrid" arteest I will provide your paper and canvas for each project.


In Nov/Jan & April/May we will begin with oil painting basics, creating a complete work from sketching in, to value study, then painting. You will learn all you need to know to paint and care for your tools.

In Sept/Oct & Feb/March we will enjoy creating with watercolor: 

understanding technique and diving into a variety of beautiful paintings; honing your skills

to paint wherever you are.

In Drawing Class we will focus on technique and composition, creating a variety of pencil then colored drawings. The first week we will draw, then the following week we will color in with watercolor pencils.


Art Class

This year, in "Art through the Ages - Contemporary to Medieval", we will be studying several of the eras and artists that shaped the art world. Our fine art projects will include drawing in pencil and sharpie; scratchboard; painting in acrylic and watercolor; rendering in oil pastel, watercolor pencils, and colored pencils.

Session 1


Contemporary ~ Banksy


Drawing , Sharpie & Colored Pencil -

Art as a Voice

Session 2


Pop Art ~ Haring


Scratch Art - Spreading Hope through Art

Session 3


Session 4


Abstract ~ Vaserely

Expressionism ~ Kandinsky


Watercolor Pencil & Oil Pastel -

3D Rendering


Sharpie & Watercolor Pencils - Composition with Color and Shape

Session 5


Post-Impressionism ~ Signac


Oil Pastel Landscape - Contrast and Reflection

Session 6


Pointillism ~ Seurat


Acrylic Paint Still Life - Color Theory

Session 7


Rococo ~ Fragonard


Watercolor Landscape - Perspective

Session 8




Colored Pencil & Acrylic Paint -

Anime Self-portrait





Tuesdays:        12:00-1:15   

Wednesdays:  12:00-1:15




Tuesdays:        1:45-3:00

OIL & Watercolor (Ages 10-18):

Tuesdays:        3:30-4:45


Art Class & Drawing Class:

Four 1.25 hour lessons = 1 Session

$100 / 1 Session (In Studio)

$80 / 1 Session (Virtual Only)

Oil & Watercolor Class (Student):

Four 1.25 hour lessons  = 1 Session 

$112 / 1 Session (In Studio)

$80 / 1 Session (Virtual Only)

Please fill in the following fields to register for the Session and Class(es) you would like to sign up for; one form for each arteest. To register multiple students, just refresh your site and a new form will appear.


 Registration Form

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