September 2020-May 2021

Virtual & In-Studio ADULT CLASSES

Home Studio location: Concord, Ca ~ near Concord High. You will be sent my address after Registration

Because of the Covid 19 changing guidelines, I am offering all my classes virtually at this time, therefore THE COST OF EACH LESSON IS $25 INSTEAD OF THE $30 IN-STUDIO LESSON PRICE. You will need to purchase your own materials using the Amazon wishlist links found below each class.


When the county health codes allow in-class meeting, I will begin with a hybrid model for classes ($27/lesson) with more students than can safely separate, as my studio only holds 7-10 students. Those KVArteests will switch off every other week in studio if needed. We will be using ZOOM to have an interactive format. Hybrid classes will have both in-class students and virtual students simultaneously. For hybrid classes the consumable/paper materials for each new project will be available from me in a kit for you to pick up or have mailed for a fee. The paper supplies for will be part of the cost of the class, but the additional required supplies for home use will be purchased on your own.

There are benefits to this model. Having all your supplies at home allows KVArteests to continue to practice and enjoy just as they do in class. As with everything during this time, SIP recommendations change and as soon as is safe to do so we will return to regular studio accommodations. 

It is VERY important to use the best ART MATERIALS you can afford to learn proper technique and enjoy the experience. I have created Amazon wishlists of my favorite, most affordable materials. It is very challenging to teach virtual classes with students who have the wrong supplies, so please follow the lists as much as possible. 

Oil /Acrylic Painting Class

Watercolor Class

In Oil/Acrylic Painting Class we will begin with painting basics, creating a complete work from sketching in, to value study, then painting. You will learn all you need to know to paint and care for your tools.

In Watercolor Class we will begin with painting basics, understanding technique and diving into a variety of beautiful paintings to hone your skills to paint wherever you are.


Adult Oil/Acrylic & Watercolor Classes: 

Four 1.5 hour lessons = 1 Session

$​120 / 1 Session (In Studio)

$100 / 1 Session (Virtual Only)


OIL/Acrylic - Adult:

Wednesdays:    5:00-6:30


Wednesdays:   7:30-9:00


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