The following is the instructions for finishing our

Art Class Session 6 

Van Gogh "Starry Diablo" painting.

I hope you LOVE it! I miss you all :)

To print out the sources that we use for this project:


Click this DOCX button

If you ordered the Apple Barrel paints from my Amazon Wish list, use these colors (you will need to add a little black to the darkest blue, and add white to the aqua - white not pictured - but you need that!


These are the exact colors I used for the project. Paint color names: White, Primary Blue, Ink Blot (darkest blue you have/find), Bahama Blue, Orange, Primary Yellow, Spice Brown, Green


A round brush with a pointy tip between size 5-8 is ideal.

Video Links for finishing your own 

"Starry Diablo"

"Starry Diablo" Tutorial 5

"Starry Diablo" Tutorial 6

"Starry Diablo" Tutorial 7

"Starry Diablo" Tutorial 8

"Apple Barrel" Paint Color Mixing Guide