I have been asked repeatedly to offer virtual classes, so I am setting up my website to offer distance learning. It is my hope this effort will alleviate some of the challenges caregivers have in keeping our kiddos creative and engaged. This is a learning curve for me, so please be patient as I create these projects for you. I will start with projects that use supplies you most likely have on hand. Following you will find an Amazon Wish list in the order I will create the projects. These supplies are my classroom favorites. Feel free to use whatever brands you can afford, but try to get the good stuff. It's frustrating to try to create with substandard materials.

Amazon wish list link (Copy onto your Amazon cart) :

Watercolor Balloons

We are a beautiful combination of who we are made to be and what we have learned from others. Paint with watercolor a bunch of balloons and a single colorful balloon. Learn several different techniques in this tutorial.

Supplies: Watercolor paint, pencil, watercolor paper, Round Brush #4-10 (Your choice) with a nice sharp tip, water, and paper towels.

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