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Age does not determine ability or willingness to give it a solid try :)
"Age focus" means I create a project with the median age in mind and help those who need extra help. I am constantly amazed at the level and personal style of work my students produce.

A class must have a minimum of 3 students for the session to begin.

Tuesday 10:30
Wednesday 10:30

Age focus 5-14

Children's art Classes in the Bay Area

Each monthly session focus is on a new Art Era or Movement chronologically from Ancient to Contemporary experimenting with different mediums through guided projects.

In-Studio: $112/ four 1-hour lessons

Age focus 7-15

Age focus 5.5-12

Watercolor art class in the East Bay

Each monthly session focus is on a new Art Era or Movement chronologically from Ancient to Contemporary; learning about the history, science, and artists of that time. Projects include painting, drawing and sculpting, replicating the art of that era/movement.

In-Studio: $112/ four 1-hour lessons

Tuesday 3:30
(Age focus 10-18)

1:30 & 3:30

(Age focus 7-15)

Drawing Class at Kimberly V. Art Studio

Step-by-step guided drawing and shading instruction with pencil, rendering in different painting mediums. First project of the session is a famous art piece. After that the class decides their project.

In-Studio: $112/ four 1-hour lessons

Virtual: $88 / four 1-hour lessons

Tuesday 1:30

Age 10-18

Oil Painting class for teenagers in Concord, CA

For my age 10+ KVArteests every 2 months we change our medium we work in to create complete works using basic to advanced techniques, diving into a variety of beautiful paintings/drawings that I work with you to select. This is a class for those with enough art experience to create with some instruction.

In-Studio: $120/ four 1.25-hour lessons

2nd Thursday
of every Month
11:45, 1:30 & 3:45

Age focus 5+

Acrylic paint events in-studio art classes and Live Virtual art classes

Open to students and their big people, we create an acrylic 9x12 canvas board masterpiece with step-by-step instruction.

In-Studio: $33 per painter / 1.25 hour classVirtual: $25 per painter / 1.25 hour class

What does an In-Person & Live Virtual KVA Class look like?

It looks like a bunch of KVArteests all creating, chatting, listening to music, & sharing their work. All students In-Studio & Zoomies can see each other & show their progress if they choose to throughout the class time. 

Students are encouraged to ask questions, & they receive instant feedback & personalized guidance through every brushstroke & pencil scratch. Virtual classes are great for students who would rather create from the comfort of their home, need to stay home that day from in-person class, or are a bit far from my studio but would still like to be in a community with fellow artists.


No matter if they are in-person or online, I love getting to know my students & watching them grow in their creative journey!

Visions in Education Charter School
Vista Oaks Charter School

Charters I am a vendor for

  • Visions

  • Vista Oaks

  • Valley View

  • Compass

  • Sequoia Grove

I am open to being a vendor for other charters! Contact me with any inquiries.

Valley View Charter Prep
Compass Charter Schools
Sequoia Grove Charter Alliance
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