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Journal Entry:

Yosemite ~ May 2016

Majestic God, I sit here among the burble of river; the song of birds greeting morning, the glow of early morning sun bathing my face and kissing Half Dome. The hissing, crashing of Yosemite Falls, the hard, colorful granite cliff faces rise sentinel as patriarchs, whispering wisdom. They have seen thousands of years ~ carved through intense friction, refined by wind and water; smoothed and creviced by the savage beauty of time and all her truth. My piece, my part of this Valley's story has ever been my perspective. My moment of an age, and I am humbled. And You, Creator God of this beauty ~ You see me, hold me gently as precious. You have set my path and held my hand. How often have I rejoiced in our adventure? How often have I rebelled against the perceived structure? Your path is beautiful, ripe with emotion woven in truth, paved in growth. You deserve only my awe and devotion, yet I am mired in wistful disdain ~ seeking different, longing for more. I will find You when I seek You with all my heart. Here I find You in the kernel of granite beside my boot and the miles of granite mountains surrounding me. How do I find You in the piles of laundry and counters of dishes? Seek You, SEEK You, SEEK YOU. And find. There is beauty in the mundane. Father ~ Majestic King ~ teach me to find Your Majesty in my Mundane. Give life. Nurture life. Point to Your Beauty. 

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